Neal E. Kern, PE,

Senior Project Manager, Municipal Engineering

Mr. Kern joined Barry Isett & Associates, Inc. in 2006 after concluding a 27-year career in public service.  He was previously the City Engineer and Director of Public Works for the City of Allentown and was in charge of all engineering projects for Allentown. 

As the Director of Public Works, Mr. Kern was responsible for managing an organization of over 350 people, with the following areas of responsibility: Engineering; Streets and Bridges; Recycling and Solid Waste; Water Treatment and Distribution; Waste Water Treatment and Collection; Storm Water Management; Fleet Maintenance; Building Maintenance; Traffic Engineering; and Parks.  As City Engineer and Public Works Director for the City of Allentown, PA for 26 years, Mr. Kern oversawmore than 300 million-dollars worth of Capital Improvement Projects for the City of Allentown, including such notable projects as: the Basin Street Underpass ($8.5M), Susquehanna Street Viaduct ($5.3M), Sumner Ave Bridge and Extension ($2.3M), Martin Luther King Drive Extension ($3.6M), American Parkway ($12.2M), renovation of the City’s WWTP ($15.5M), and renovation and upgrade of the City’s Water Filtration Plant ($22.1M).

During his career with the City he oversaw an ongoing program that conducted Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Surveys (SSES) and remediated Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) issues, using internal staff including the City’s own crew that conducted televised inspections.

Mr. Kern on numerous occasions has taken part in seminars in Capital Planning organized by the College of Engineering of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  The two-day sessions, entitled “Preparing an Effective Municipal Capital Improvement Plan”, awarded participants Continuing Education Credits and covered: asset management programs; the capital planning process; needs analysis; setting project priorities; establishing effective financial policies; financing methods; and project scheduling.


B.S. Civil Engineering, Auburn University

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