Values in Action


Closing out 2018, Ashley Mungin is the December winner of the Values in Action! Ashley demonstrates what it means to be a part of a team: she takes initiative to help strengthen the bond between members of the Delaware Valley office.

Recognizing this effort, Anna Hayford says, "Ashley is the driving force behind many of the Delaware Valley celebrations that we have...she is often the one who comes up with the ideas for happy hours, nights out, and in-office celebrations. She is always the first to run out and grab pizzas and make sure everyone is enjoying the party-and automatically starts cleaning up afterwards. Though 'Anna/Ashley' gets the credit, I wouldn't be able to do any of this without her!"

Surprised and grateful for the nomination, Ashley believes everything is truly a team effort and that she too wouldn't be able to do it without Anna! As a member of the Accounting Department, Ashley is responsible for accounts receivable. She interacts with project managers and clients to make sure invoices are paid in a timely manner. She teams up with Lorlene to complete other tasks, such as entering projects, running monthly invoices, taking payments, and entering cash receipts each day-in addition to other responsibilities. Most of the work is a team effort and Ashley feels lucky to work with the ladies that she does. She believes being at Isett has been one of the most wonderful experiences that she's had at a work place. Not only does she have flexibility to work between the Lehigh Valley and Delaware Valley offices, but she gets to work with some pretty incredible people as well. In the two years she's been here, she's experienced so much professional growth-for which she's thankful.