Values in Action


Getting numerous nominations over the months, Anna Hayford is August's winner of the Values In Action Award! She was nominated this round by both Carmelina Sanchez and Candace Hickey for showing the team value. Anna's continued help with Isett's archiving effort has been a great help to Carmelina-working well aside our intern to minimize the cabinet files in the Delaware Valley office. Candace notes there is not one event, but Anna's overall attitude that makes her a true team player-putting forth the effort needed to help the whole team succeed. She always goes beyond what is asked of her and puts 100% effort into focusing on the needs of the project. When asked to finalize a report, Anna reads through everything and calls attention to anything that doesn't makes sense, even if the engineering terms are outside her comfort zone. Anna also follows through to make sure Candace gets things done when she gets distracted on another project.

Anna joined our Delaware Valley team in 2016-with tomorrow being her two-year anniversary-as an administrative assistant. In addition to general administrative duties, Anna helps with several items in Human Resources, including training and continuing education and the safety committee. She also creates and updates the company organization chart and works on larger research projects relating to training, state eligibility, etc. Anna is a big fan of the Values in Action and was honored to be nominated by two women she really respects and looks up to in the company. She also really appreciates the work/life balance the company supports, letting her "live her best life" at home and at work. Anna finds the Delaware Valley office to be one of the coolest places she's ever worked; they all enjoy working together and even the new associates settle in quickly. They love ordering in group lunches and going out for happy hours. When asked what else she loves about working at Isett-in true Anna-fashion-she calls attention to her fellow associates, admiring the personal support she gets from across all offices. Thank you, Anna, for being OUR support system and brightening our days!