Values in Action

With nominations for demonstrating all four values-Bill Leitner is the winner of the Values in Action for October! Bill has been a full-time member of the Project Management & Construction Services group for almost two years. This year, he took an active role in leading Isett's CANstruction team. His efforts certainly did not go unnoticed. Even his brother Karl, who is a member of our Civil team, gave props for the dedication he showed: "Although I haven't been involved in the project at all, I can tell you most details of the theme, construction plans, and progress of the project. Why can I tell you all of this information? Because at every family function over the last six months Bill hasn't stopped talking about it. It would be nice to talk about something else once in a while, but I am proud of my brother for putting in so much effort and taking ownership of such a great project...I know Bill has put forth the best project Isett could have produced."

Stan Wojciechowski was part of team ISETT CAN! and also nominated Bill for "coordinating the can collection and design elements and arranging the build and tear downs for the exhibit. During the entire time, he maintained a collaborative effort and promoted teamwork. The entire CANstruction effort was well orchestrated. It brought an increased level of awareness and pride for the company. Bill was able to balance his personal life, workload, and CANstruction effort." Stan also recognizes the exemplary work Bill does as a field inspector. He works with other team members to ensure our clients' best interests are served-which is a popular consensus among Isett employees. Previous nominations have included the same thoughts: his dedication to the job; his willingness to help others; his professionalism with clients; and his positive attitude.

Bill enjoys the variety he experiences here: it helps him learn new things. He isn't spending all his time working on paving jobs or sidewalk jobs, he is exposed to much more. He typically spends half of each work day in the office and the other half out in the field. As a project manager, he coordinates projects, handles the paperwork and visits jobsites. Bill also appreciates all the resources we have here-because we have so many experts in a variety of fields, he is able to get answers quickly and do his job efficiently.