Values in Action


This has been a long time coming-Congratulations to Matthew Vega for being the September winner of the Values in Action! Matthew has been recognized by his coworkers for his dedicated service to the company and his teamwork mentality. Anna Hayford is always impressed with Matthew's turnaround time compared to how much he handles, and she appreciates working with someone she can count on. Amanda Heist also appreciates his willingness to teach her something new-she has learned so much from him and developed a new interest as a result. Matthew is patient and helpful to not only Amanda, but to many others. He's quick to help and never pushes anyone off, even when he's absolutely swamped with work-a consensus also shared by Joe Hoffman. Matthew instantly enters projects for him and the rest of the code team to keep everything flowing so they aren't held back. Chuck Wolf, another code member, also recognizes Matthew for his efforts to the team.

Matthew has been demonstrating a strong work ethic since he first started working for Isett 12 years ago. His daily responsibilities include formatting documents; delegating plan reviews and permits; and managing the steady flow of projects that need to be entered-while also making himself available to our municipalities and code officials. Matthew prides himself on getting items answered within 15 minutes of being asked. He enjoys the diversity the job brings, as well as being busy and making the company money. He loves that he can joke around with his code officials and be a part of a team that works well together.

Matthew is so grateful for the nominations-the good comments from his fellow colleagues, as well as clients, bring a smile to his face. It's also rewarding to be previously recognized by his boss Matt Walter, having confidence in Matthew to steer the code department in the right direction in his absence.