Values in Action

Congratulations to Vicki Adams for being the January winner of the Values in Action, demonstrating our Team value! Nominated by President Kevin Campbell, Vicki is recognized for the outstanding service she provides to our associates through the management of our vehicle fleet. She coordinates all the maintenance, inspections, owners' cards, vehicle configuration during inclement weather, etc. While we could have a third party handle all this, Kevin believes we wouldn't get the level of service that Vicki provides. Receiving this nomination, along with previous nominations for her diligent work in preparing our bid packages, gives Vicki the encouragement she needs when things don't go as planned. Knowing that what she does has a positive effect on her co-workers—"her clients"—makes those days, worth it. Vicki attributes her ability to keep the fleet running to the support of her co-workers: Anna, Michelle, Kristin, Jourdaine, Tracy and Bill all help ensure that everything goes smoothly.

In addition to fleet management, Vicki offers support to our departments through document/report review and bid package assistance; she also coordinates the production and distribution of new office keys when needed. With every day being different, Vicki enjoys the challenges and opportunities to learn new skills and develop new working relationships within and outside of Isett. Through her 13 years of service, her responsibilities have expanded to include things she never thought she would be comfortable doing—she is grateful for the personal and professional growth and looks forward to learning even more. Vicki appreciates the support and conversation of her co-workers and being a part of a team that helps make Isett a success. She also enjoys being able to participate in "feel good" events: Food for Kids benefits the food bank in the school district where Vicki lives, so it hits close to home for her. She also helps stuff the giveaway bags for The Miracle League's Trick-or-Treat night, which allows so many kids to enjoy the holiday despite their limitations.