Values in Action


The July winner of Isett's Values in Action Award goes to Stephanie Milewski. Celebrating her third-year anniversary with the firm last month, Steph works out of the Wyoming Valley office as one of our landscape architects. She is responsible for putting together master site park plans, developing recreational and trail projects, and preparing cost estimates for various municipal projects-in addition to coordinating the MS4 efforts for our northeast clients. Tom DeAngelo recognizes Steph's efforts in organizing multiple team building events for the northeast region, including a potluck lunch at Hickory Run State Park and a "camp out" style dinner at the Whistle Pig Farm. She is currently planning a kayak trip as well. Tom believes these activities help bring the northeast team together and that they've developed a deeper bond because of them-resulting in a "we" attitude, instead of an "I" mentality. Teamwork is undeniably an important part of any job and a sense of belonging provides personal fulfillment. Thank you, Steph, for demonstrating the team value and coordinating these events!