Values in Action


Congratulations to Betsy Faust for being the Values in Action winner for the month of June! She was nominated by Ross Sotak for demonstrating the service and team values. Betsy has been with the company for 18 years, starting as a drafter for the Structural Engineering Department and growing her position as a design staff supervisor. Betsy's efforts reach well beyond her department though. She is continuously helping others-making an impact company-wide.

Not only did she work tirelessly on the successful integration of the CenterPoint team, but she also played a key role in setting up the Revit in the Cloud platform. Betsy assists in the layout of our satellite offices and has been instrumental in Isett's efforts at the Miracle League Halloween event since it was founded. She also gave her time this year for the volunteer challenge project. We want to congratulate and thank Betsy for the numerous ways she has contributed to the company and for being a source of support to her co-workers!