Values in Action


Congratulations to Ben Craig for being the first honoree of the Values in Action Award! May marks Ben's third-year anniversary with the firm: he is a member of the Project Management & Construction Services Department and has also been serving as the Facilities Director—a role that he has really stepped up into—making transitions and expansions run smoothly, as well as helping to resolve facility issues that arise. Ben has a positive impact on the people he interacts with, including those that nominated him for this award: Ashley Mungin, Mary Himmelberger and Charley Myers.

Ashley nominated Ben for demonstrating the Team value because of his above-and-beyond effort in handling the upgrade and expansion of the Delaware Valley office. He has been very thorough and continuously communicates with the entire office about the changes. She also noted that in addition to this project, he still takes care of his other responsibilities as Facilities Director and the projects for his department.

In addition to Team, Mary also nominated Ben for demonstrating Service: her comments express a sincere explanation of why Ben deserves this award. "Ben goes above and beyond to not just be an exemplary employee, but a genuine "down to earth" good-natured person. In working with him on finding our Berks County office, he 100% is focused on not just the image of the company in his evaluations, but on the comfortability and happiness of his coworkers who will be working there. His evaluation of the spaces we're looking at are largely based on feedback he's received: things he wants to make perfect this next time around because he listened to his coworkers. He is not only open to feedback, but encourages open dialoguebecause he wants to make sure to resolve any differences in opinion before they interfere with progress, and he wants everyone on the same page. In seeing glimpses of his work relationships and responsibilities beyond my work with him, he comes across as a grade-A team player. His patience is exemplary and his professionalism is admirable: he is the perfect blend of bold and courteous, and that's because his intentions are always good and just. I've only worked with Ben a few short weeks but I feel like I've known him forever because with Ben, what you see is what you get, he is authenticand that is what makes him 100% the perfect model of the Isett brand that we sell to our clients."

Charley has also seen the different roles Ben plays and his willingness to serve, noting that "Ben has been an epitome of Isett Values through facility issues, wild weather and volunteer outreach. He functions as part of several teams, assisting in multiple offices and with multiple departmentsall with the goal of helping fellow associates be successful." Charley also recognized Ben's assistance with the Volunteer Challenge at the Salvation Army site and his continuous involvement in the improvement of the facilities and environment at Isett. Thank you, Ben, for all your hard work and for being an example of what we stand for; may this is be an encouragement that your efforts truly make a difference.