Values in Action


November's honoree of the Values in Action is civil engineering designer Karl Leitner. Receiving three nominations this past round, Karl is being recognized for demonstrating the team and service values. Both Anna Hayford and Paul Schmoll took note of Karl's willingness to guide and spend time with several shadow students at the Delaware Valley office. Karl creates a valuable dialogue with them, explaining the daily operations of the department; showing them plans and the programs we use; and answering any questions they may have. He doesn't just go through the motions of hosting a shadow student, but genuinely wants the experience to be meaningful and fulfilling.

Anna believes he's a great first impression of Isett to many potential future employees-a shared consensus with Paul! Karl doesn't just lend his expertise to students, but shares his knowledge with other associates. He's always willing to answer questions and give an engineering perspective during a project. He recently created a basin/rain garden checklist for our field inspectors and project managers, which helps them ensure that contractors are following the rules during construction.

Bill Leitner has seen the benefit of having an engineer as a brother: Karl's assistance has given Bill a better understanding of the design process, which Bill then relays to our clients and contractors. Bill also appreciates the time Karl gives him to explain all the rules and procedures of PennDOT, which can be hard to understand at first.

When Karl isn't being a hero, he is busy designing site layouts and stormwater systems based on requirements and parameters set by local municipalities and the DEP. Grateful to have received these nominations, Karl remarks that serving the company and his fellow coworkers comes easy because he works with such great people-they create a great working environment that really helps him enjoy his job. We are grateful that Karl is a part of what makes the team so great-thank you, Karl, for your dedication to serve and congratulations!