Parking lots? Yes, parking lots!

Subsurface conditions impact the integrity and longevity of parking lots.  Using a separator fabric to eliminate fine-grained subsurface soils from migrating into the crushed aggregate base course will help maintain drainage capability and the life of the pavement.  By sustaining the drainage capability, pavement maintenance can involve milling and replacing the asphalt, rather than full-depth pavement replacement—also saving money.

Knowing the history of a site can make a world of difference.  A church in eastern Pennsylvania had chronic buckling problems with their parking lot asphalt.  As part of Isett’s investigation, we examined Sanborn Fire Insurance maps—discovering that three homes once occupied the site and had been demolished.  Left-over debris provided for an unstable foundation for the pavement.  To remediate the problem, the parking lot was dug up and the debris was sufficiently removed to allow for a stable subgrade for proper asphalt placement/densification and traffic support.  Upfront investigation would have avoided this expensive problem.