Project Management & Construction Services

Isett engineers can provide services throughout the entire design, bid, and construction phases. When your design is complete there is so much more to be done! Bid phase and construction phase don’t just happen. Isett's approach is proactive, thorough and focused to quantify and qualify.

Owners Representative Services

We monitor and evaluate the construction of a project and advise the owner when decisions are required, promoting informed, timely communication among all members of the project team. We can also assist in contract coordination, bidding, scheduling, and reviewing payment applications.

Construction Observation Services

Isett assists municipalities, owners, and school districts in meeting design and budget objectives.

Construction Document Preparation/Bidding Assistance

Isett prepares drawings and specifications so all bidders are working from the same complete information. For public entities we add front-end documents, regulate procurement, and provide construction documentation.

Payment Verification Observations

Isett performs observations for lending institutions to check work progress against contractor payment applications.