BIA Leadership Changes for 2011


All Associates Meetings have been a twice-a-year tradition since 2005, to promote communication throughout the company.  Held off-site, the sessions are an opportunity for all employees in every department and office to gain information about company operations, fiscal condition, and corporate plans.  Income and cash flow are reviewed, company capabilities are discussed, successes are celebrated, and opportunities for improvement are explored.  Barry Isett, PE, PLS, FNSPE, who founded our firm in 1977, started the fall 2010 meeting with an announcement concerning the corporate structure of the company. 


Robert Korp, AICP, LEED AP, Manager of Major Projects, and Secretary


On January 1, 2011:

Barry E. Isett, PE, PLS, FNSPE - Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board

Kevin T. Campbell, PE, LEED AP - President, Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Isett - Vice President and Manager of Business Operations and Support Services

Theresa Muldowney, CPA - Treasurer

Robert Korp, AICP, LEED AP, Manager of Major Projects, and Secretary

Theresa Muldowney, CPA, our Accounting Manager, who joined the firm in 1997, will become Treasurer As the major company shareholder, Barry maintains an intense interest in the activities of the firm but will reduce his 24/7 involvement that typified the early days of the company.  “We are striving for a more diversified ownership,” he says, referring to the practices he instituted in offering the option to purchase company shares to key associates and the formation of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).  The ESOP came into being in 1997, as Barry instituted an ownership transition strategy that would maintain the firm’s independent identity.  Instead of selling the company to a third party, he created a framework to provide future employment and company ownership to staff members.

“Kevin Campbell has done a great job since he joined us five years ago.  He is passionate about our success,” says Barry.  “As president, Kevin will inspire our team to take the company to the next level.  He has great energy and enthusiasm and is a master at developing relationships and creating mutually beneficial strategic alliances.  As a company, we are going places where we have never been before.”