Lights...Camera...Science...The Nuture Nature Center

Located along the forks of the Delaware River, the City of Easton, PA is the home of the nonprofit Nurture Nature Center.  Founded with the help of the Nurture Nature Foundation, a NY nonprofit established in 1991, the Nurture Nature Center is dedicated to addressing the fundamental conflict between economic development and conservation of the environment.

BIA’s electrical team designed all the electrical aspects including distribution and the architectural lighting design for NNC’s first and centerpiece exhibit -Science on a Sphere® (SOS) - a dynamic, animated  six-foot suspended globe that is both a noted tourist attraction and educational tool.  The exhibit was installed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and can display up to 250 global views of earth and space including oceans, tsunamis, earthquakes, other planets and social global connections.  The images are projected onto the globe from four corners, causing the stationary globe to look like it is rotating.  Most recently, the public was invited to visualize how hurricanes work by viewing important data, and to discuss what can be done to prevent the worst losses.

The exhibit’s project area was over 7,500 SF and BIA also provided construction administration services including inspections during construction.