Dorney Park continues to thrill with new attractions - Dinosaurs Alive! and the Stinger

Dinosaurs Alive!, a spectacular 2012 addition to the stellar attractions at Dorney Park/Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, PA, features 30 life-size animatronic figures in a four-acre habitat.  The figures are the brainchild of Dinosaurs Unearthed, a Canadian-based dinosaur exhibition company, but Barry Isett & Associates (BIA) is proud to have played an engineering role in the exhibit, providing topographic surveys, site design, and assisting with municipal approvals for the dynamic attraction. The sale kiosk and entry signage are BIA structural engineering projects.

Educational as well as exciting, the exhibit provides a glimpse into the Jurassic age, with both guides and signage to enlighten visitors about what dinosaurs ate, where they lived and how they protected themselves. A 2,000 foot-long path meanders among five realistic scenes including a T-Rex fight, a pack of Deinonychus hunting down an Iguanodon and a 40-foot tall Ruyang Yellow River dinosaur. Youngsters can work in a dinosaur dig, containing the sand covered skeleton of a large predator, and even control the actions of several animatronic figures.

Nearby is a new thrill ride, the Stinger, an inverted boomerang coaster with face-to-face seating. The cars zoom up a 139-foot hill then fly through three inversions---forward and backwards---in 90 seconds of 55-miles-per hour screaming fun.  Once again, BIA provided surveys, site design, structural engineering for the canopies, and assisted with municipal approvals.

Over the past 20 years, BIA has been involved with a wide range of Dorney projects. Stay tuned for more excitement in the fall when a new Haunted House is unveiled!