Project Spotlight: Coatesville Veterans Affairs Medical Center (CVAMC)

A multi-discipline team led by Bob Korp, AICP, LEED AP, has wrapped up the design phase for the Coatesville Veterans Affairs Medical Center (CVAMC).  Serving the medical needs of veterans in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, the CVAMC campus spreads across 128 acres and includes 42 buildings.  Subterranean tunnels lace through portions of the campus, connecting buildings and providing a means for patient transport.  In 2012, specific areas of two tunnels were experiencing severe water infiltration.  Using a Qualifications Based process, contracting officers at the medical center selected BIA to provide investigation, design and construction phase services to eliminate the infiltration, address structural issues, develop a water diversion system, and conduct related concrete work and site restoration.  Damage to finishes caused by water infiltration is also being addressed.  All design is in accordance with VA Design and Construction Procedures.

BIA’s scope of services includes:

  • Topographic surveys
  • Lead paint & asbestos surveys & sampling
  • Underground utility investigation
  • Test pits to expose and examine water infiltration
  • Forensic investigation of tunnels
  • Design of tunnel repairs (foundation drains, water pump, expansion joints, waterproofing, new finishes)
  • Design of replacement steam & lighting systems
  • Development of construction documents