Special Inspections Required? Look No Further...

Isett is an APPROVED Special Inspections Agency


An important part of construction today is the assurance of code compliance, especially in terms of the special inspections.  All municipalities require special inspections during construction of all commercial building projects with structural components, such as: the foundation, steel framing details, and concrete placement.  These inspections are in addition to those performed by the building code official. 

As an approved agency, Isett can act as the Special Inspector for the work we design, or that which was designed by others. 


Our inspectors are highly capable and competent in the trades they inspect.  They can provide real-time response to conditions in the field, saving the owner valuable time.  Isett’s Special Inspection team consists of multi-licensed Professional Engineers; ICC certified Special Inspectors; and technicians who have extensive qualifications, experience, and are very knowledgeable of current building codes and inspection practices.  The more on-site presence that the Special Inspector has allows more opportunity to identify potential issues that may compromise structural integrity, safeguarding both the client’s budget and the occupant’s welfare.