UGI Energy Services

Isett’s Special Inspections group has 20 years of experience providing construction inspections at construction sites to verify that work considered to be critical to life safety and property protection is constructed per the approved plans and specifications. In 2016, Isett established our own in-house testing lab.

Recently, Isett’s Special Inspections team geared up for a project on behalf of UGI Energy Services. UES supplies natural gas, liquid fuels, and electricity across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern US and have initiated construction on a liquid natural gas storage facility.

The installation of 70 tons of reinforcing steel, along with the pouring of 950 yards of concrete, resulted in dozens of test cylinders for compressive strength testing at 50-yard intervals. The team was undeterred by the overnight site work and Isett’s lab will be quite active processing and testing 114 test cylinders as the project progresses.

Jordan Creek Trail

In 2012, Wildlands Conservancy retained Barry Isett & Associates to perform survey, design and permitting for 1.8 miles of trail along the Jordan Creek Trail as part of the overall Jordan Creek Greenway initiative. The entire greenway will connect Jordan Meadows Park in Allentown to the Appalachian Trail along the ridge of Blue Mountain, allowing for the protection of lands of high conservation value, and establish a 13-mile trail for the public to hike, bike and bird watch.

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Special Inspections Required? Look No Further...

An important part of construction today is the assurance of code compliance, especially in terms of the special inspections.  All municipalities require special inspections during construction of all commercial building projects with structural components, such as: the foundation, steel framing details, and concrete placement.  These inspections are in addition to those performed by the building code official. As an approved agency, Isett can act as the Special Inspector for the work we design, or that which was designed by others.

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