Jamie C. Kleinle

Department Head, Environmental Consulting

Department Head, Environmental Consulting

Jamie Kleinle joined Barry Isett & Associates, Inc. in 2005 and was named Environmental Operations Manager in 2015.  Mr. Kleinle is an Environmental Professional that focuses on completing Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments, Storage Tank Closures and PA DEP Act 2 Release of Liability projects (Chapter 245 and 250).  Mr. Kleinle also holds several certifications related to asbestos in Pennsylvania.  In addition to working on various environmental projects, Mr. Kleinle assists the Environmental Department Head in managing staff members, project scheduling, equipment maintenance/servicing, and the department’s financial/invoicing requirements.     
Mr. Kleinle has guided numerous clientele through the due diligence process of commercial real estate over the past 11 years.  Clients have included: land owners; perspective purchasers; private and public schools; bankers; real estate attorneys; real estate agents; property managers; and insurance adjusters.  Mr. Kleinle has a great working relationship with various PA DEP case managers throughout several regional offices that is beneficial to his clients while working through regulatory issues. Mr. Kleinle is a company shareholder. 


B.S. Agronomy and Environmental Science, Delaware Valley College

Contact:  (484) 866-4847  |   jckleinle@barryisett.com