Charles L. Myers, PE

Operations Manager, Municipal Engineering

Operations Manager, Municipal Engineering

Charles Myers, PE, is a civil engineer with more than 20 years of engineering experience involving the design, coordination and administration of projects for energy, industry, municipal and non-municipal clients.  As a group manager, he provides staff management and development, as well as technical leadership and expertise.  His extensive environmental engineering experience ranges from sizing and coordinating the design of various types of wastewater treatment facilities, to completing and coordinating numerous water and wastewater system evaluations and feasibility studies, environmental permits and grant applications.  He has extensive experience in conducting field inspections of treatment plants, sewer lines, pump stations and pump digesters.  Mr. Myers' experience in the energy industry includes water supply line route selection, permitting and design; surface water withdrawal permitting and design; gas line route selection and permitting; and field support services.  Charley has also performed construction-related activities, including preparing contract documents and performing site inspections and construction observation services. 


B.S., Engineering Management, University of Missouri
B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Missouri

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