2019’s She Nailed It! Competition

We’re proud of our inaugural Isett a Nail team members: Betsy Faust, Tess Strayer, Tracy Torres, and Christine Mildner.

Thirty teams, each consisting of four women, participated in a timed nailing contest in a fundraising event for Habitat for Humanity. This was the 7th year that the event was held – the first year we had a team participating. 

The event consisted of four rounds and the pressure was intense. After the first round, the field was narrowed down from 30 to 16 teams, and team Isett A Nail had the fastest first round time!

Isett a Nail faltered a bit in round two, but still managed to place 4th and moved on to the “Elite 8”. In round 3, they recovered and placed 2nd, which put them in the “Final 4”.

In the end, Isett A Nail took 2nd place – just one second behind the winning time.