Palmerton Area School District Junior High School Barry Isett

K-12 Education

Our firm has been privileged to serve scores of public school districts and private schools throughout eastern and central Pennsylvania. When it comes to the engineering design of new facilities, or the renovation, expansion, and capital improvements of existing ones, Isett project managers have a thorough understanding of the scheduling, budgetary, and reporting needs of the academic community.  Our team includes LEED Accredited Professionals experienced in incorporating green design strategies.

Engineer of Record Services – At the request of school districts, we provide on-call Engineer of Record Services. Our relationship represents a collaborative effort, combining district concepts and expectations with our knowledge of design, construction, and regulatory issues. We are experienced with public work and understand its complexities and the advanced planning it requires. As projects are identified, we can determine a recommended budget for professional design fees and work hourly in accordance with the agreed-upon rate schedule.