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Municipal Engineering

Municipal Engineering

Isett has served more than 100 municipalities since 1983. Isett provides services that townships, boroughs, and cities require to maintain and enhance the quality of life their citizens enjoy, drawing on many of our engineering departments to offer required services.

Water & Wastewater Engineering

A key quality-of-life component for any community is access to a clean, safe, and constant water supply. Isett’s engineers are experienced in the design and permitting of water and wastewater systems for municipalities and authorities, educational institutions, private communities, and commercial and corporate campuses.

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  • American Disability Act (ADA) accessibility studies 
  • Boundary and topographic surveys 
  • Building code plan review and inspection 
  • Design and construction administration of infrastructure improvements 
  • Facility design and construction 
  • Geographic information system (GIS)
  • MS4 technical assistance 
  • Parks and recreation planning 
  • Sewage treatment plant design 
  • Stormwater system analysis and design 
  • Street design 
  • Wastewater collection systems 
  • Water distribution systems