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Grants Management

Isett offers municipal clients access to Grant Specialists who advise on popular State and regional grant programs, understand eligibility requirements and scoring criteria, and complete successful applications to bring municipal and community projects from concept to reality. We research and identify specific rounds of funding, pair them with your “best fit” project candidates, and assist with coordinating and submitting grant applications. Our Grant Writers collaborate with the technical team to provide estimating, planning, consultation, and preliminary concepts and design.

Effective grant management is much more than knowing how to fill in the blanks on an application. We’ll help you navigate the informational maze and increase your chances of a successful application.

Isett’s Grants Management team has helped secure more than $57 million in grant funding for municipalities and organizations across Pennsylvania since 2015.

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  • Strategic funding plans
  • Application coordination of tasks and responsibilities
  • Application writing
  • Grant compliance and tracking
  • Post award management

The overall range of grant funds includes:

  • Parks and Recreation | Playgrounds, athletic facilities, interior paths, pavilions, amenities, restrooms, trails, planning/studies, acquisition, parking
  • Transportation | Infrastructure improvements, traffic signals, stormwater and drainage infrastructure
  • Downtown and Walkability | Streetscapes, beautification, multimodal safety, traffic calming, bump outs, decorative crosswalks, pedestrian-activated signalization, signage and line painting, pedestrian connections
  • Municipal Facilities | Garages, salt sheds, and town hall renovations (through LSA only), as well as public land and ADA improvements
  • Water and Wastewater | Reservoir and pump station upgrades, and pipe lining and replacement
  • Stormwater Management and MS4 | Streambank restoration, raingardens and bioretention areas, swale greening, infrastructure upgrades