Forensic Building Investigation

Isett’s forensic engineers investigate materials, products, structures, or components that fail or do not function as intended. Using technical knowledge and professional experience, Isett’s engineers provide objective evidence for property owners, insurance companies, courts of law, and others in settling disputes, establishing causal relationships, determining liability, and/or designing repairs.

Our department is on-call to address structural emergencies, such as collapses and failures, which can occur after work hours. 

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Forensics Building Investigation
  • Building envelope, façade and roof investigations and repairs 
  • Catastrophic evaluations 
  • Expert investigations and witness 
  • Fire, wind, snow, and hail evaluations 
  • Flood, collapse, and impact evaluations 
  • Insurance claim investigations 
  • Property Condition Assessments 
  • Sinkhole evaluations and repair 
  • Structural assessments and investigations
  • Bleacher Inspections