Forensic Building Investigation Capabilities

Isett’s Forensic Building Investigation Engineers investigate materials, products, structures, and components of buildings, retaining walls, parking garages, bridges, recreational and historic structures that fail or do not function as intended. Our engineers have experience with residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial properties, and support a wide variety of client types including insurance adjusters, building owners, property managers, educational and medical facility managers, industrial and warehouse facility managers, attorneys, municipalities, non-profit institutions, and recreational and entertainment venues.

Isett provides a wide range of services, including:

  • Insurance Cause and Origin Determinations
  • Structural Failure Investigations
    • Impact/fire/blast/wind/snow damage
    • Façade failure
    • Floor slab cracking and heaving
    • Water infiltration – Flood and ‘wet basement’
  • Roofing Inspections and Investigations
  • Sinkhole Investigation and Remediation
  • Building Envelope Inspections
  • Property Condition Assessments (pre-purchase/due diligence)
  • Structural Repair and Shoring Design (including Historical Structural Analysis)
  • Structural Feasibility Studies (for building modifications/support of new loads)
  • Bleacher Inspections
    • School districts mandated by the International Construction Code/American National Standards Institute
  • Additional Stories (signs, solar panels, green roofs, process-related modifications for industry)
  • Structural Design Evaluations
  • Litigation Services
    • Scope may involve any of the above specialty areas and may involve any or all of the following service areas:
      • Technical analysis of complaint (merit of the case)
      • Technical assistance in preparation of case
      • Recommending and witnessing protocol testing
      • Evaluation of technical expert reports
      • Preparation of technical expert reports

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