Code Inspection Barry Isett

Code Inspection & Plan Review

Isett offers a cost-effective code inspection and plan review service that can save your project team the headaches and frustration of delays caused by unidentified code issues. Isett has fully certified International Code Council (ICC) staff members who provide commercial, institutional, and residential inspection and plan review, and can administer and enforce the PA Uniform Construction Code (UCC).

Isett is the designated UCC code compliance reviewer and inspector for numerous municipalities, as well as a state-licensed third-party provider. Isett professionals are experienced in providing reviews for high rise office buildings, educational facilities, warehouses, residential buildings, and commercial structures. Isett’s code consultation streamlines the final UCC review and can help keep your project on track.

Code Inspection Plan Review
  • Building inspection 
  • Electrical inspection 
  • Energy conservation inspection 
  • Fire inspection 
  • Fire protection system plan review and inspection 
  • Mechanical inspection 
  • Multi-discipline plan review 
  • Plumbing inspection
  • Special inspections
  • Zoning administration
  • UCC code compliance review and inspections