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Construction Materials Testing

Construction Materials Testing & Special Inspections

Isett’s Construction Materials Testing & Special Inspections services bridge the gap between design and construction by providing onsite and lab inspections to verify that work is constructed per the approved plans and specifications.

Special inspections are conducted in the field during various stages of construction, backed up by Isett’s in-house construction materials testing labs to ensure conformance to applicable standards and specifications, giving clients the confidence that they will perform as designed.

From project start to finish, Isett’s team of professional engineers, geologists, and ICC/ACI certified inspectors work seamlessly to deliver timely results and detailed reports, along with unforeseen circumstance solutions to keep construction on schedule and within budget.

Construction Materials Testing—combined with other groups including Geotechnical, Civil, and Structural Engineering—delivers a one-stop shop for clients.

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Construction Materials Testing

Field Services

  • Construction oversite and monitoring  
  • Foundation review and soil bearing testing
  • Fill placement oversite and compaction testing
  • Reinforcing steel inspections
  • Cementitious material field sampling and testing
  • Structural steel, bolting, and welding inspections
  • Asphalt compaction testing

Lab Services

  • Soils and aggregates testing 
  • Compressive strength testing