Isett Culture of Safety

At Isett, Safety is engrained in our culture.

The health & safety of our associates is of utmost importance. As a multi-discipline firm, our comprehensive safety program focuses on the individual needs of our departments, associates, and clients.

We pride ourselves on a system of constant communication, frequent training, open reporting, and careful investigation, as outlined in our Safety Manual, Safety Handbook, and Safety Policies.

At Isett, Health & Safety (H&S) is a team effort. Everyone at Isett works towards the goal of a safe workplace. Our Corporate Health & Safety Rep, Human Resources, and associates across all departments contribute to our safe workplace. Everything starts with our partnership with Compliance Management International (CMI) and our in-house safety committee.

Compliance Management International

In 2018, Isett we formalized our H&S initiatives and began our invaluable partnership with our Health & Safety consultant, Compliance Management International (CMI). Representatives from CMI perform the majority of our safety training, morning safety sessions, perform site visits, and sit on our safety committee.

Isett Safety Committee

Isett is proud to present some of the work of our Safety Committee on this page. Isett’s PA-Certified safety committee is guided by a team from Compliance Management International (CMI). We are further facilitated by three subcommittees who work in tandem on the various aspects of our comprehensive program. These committees meeting regularly on a variety of items related to our safety program.

PA-Certified Safety Committee

This PA-Certified, 15-member team includes a representative from each department at Isett, as well as our H&S Corporate Rep, Safety Administrator, Human Resources Director, and Compliance Management International (CMI).


A key component of our safety program is associate training. All Isett associates receive new hire safety training, tailored to their role as a field or office associate. As a multi-discipline firm, Isett relies on a matrix-style system to assure that each associate receives additional, job-specific OSHA-based trainings, at least biannually.

Isett prides itself on making safety training easily available for all associates. In-person trainings are held across our regions and are made available for future viewing on Isett University.

Beyond Compliance

At Isett, our associates are in a variety of settings – company offices, residential homes, construction sites, and client sites. Specialty safety trainings are regularly offered to applicable associates, including aerial lift training, HAZWOPER, and more.

Frequent Updates

Isett’s safety training is based on the most current standards and is updated as standards change. Isett associates can expect to receive monthly safety blasts on applicable topics and recent events. We also hold monthly morning sessions.

Site Visits

A representative from CMI may accompany one of our associates into the field to perform a field training exercise. These site visits help us develop our training plans specific to associate needs. They will also ensure that our associates are protected against the site-specific hazards. Site visits to client sites are available upon request.

Safety Scoring & Relationships

Isett has long-standing relationships with several vendor safety clearing houses, including in the two most common, ISNetWorld and Avetta. Clients are welcome to request a connection in these platforms to get our most up-to-date scores for total recordable injury rate (TRIR), days away or transferred rate (DART), and more.

Safety Rewards

At Isett, we reward safe actions. Our
rewards based safety program is called
Barry Bucks, where all associates can
earn incentives for being extra safe on
the job. Each September, Isett hosts a
Safety Week with workshops, speakers,
games, prizes, and of course – lots of
Barry Bucks!

Leadership & Contact

Our safety leadership come from various
backgrounds, culminating in a team with
knowledge of field, facilities, and human
factors. Guidance on all items is provided
by CMI.
Corporate H&S Officer: Chris Kotch, PG
Human Resources Director: Kim Kyra, PHR
HR-Safety Administrator: Anna Hayford, CSMP
For all general questions, you may email