Topton Park Master Plan & Improvements

Project Information



  • Borough of Topton


  • Topton Borough, Berks County, PA


  • 10-acre park
  • 10-year Park Master Plan with phased improvements
  • $1.6+ million in grant funding awarded for project



Topton Park Improvements

Isett worked with Topton Borough Council, administrators, and community stakeholders in the development of a 10-year Topton Park Master Plan. The planning process begin in 2016 and has since transitioned into the implementation phases for the 10-acre park in the heart of the borough. Isett has assisted with this project every step of the way.

Through public input, Isett develop multiple concept plans for improvements to the north and south quadrants of the park. The committee ultimately integrated elements from all three plans to create a fourth option, which was universally agreed upon. The 11-phase plan, which includes a grant-funding strategy for implementation, was adopted in 2017 and is expected to be completed in 2026 for the Borough’s 250th anniversary.