Sauerkraut Lane Extension

Sauerkraut Lane Extension in Lower Macungie Township

Barry Isett & Associates is providing engineering design, permitting, and surveying services in the 5,000 linear foot (LF) extension of a municipal road to connect two state roads in a project to ease transit across Lower Macungie Township and provide alternate routes for traffic generated by an industrial park.

Isett’s client is the developer of the industrial park, Prologis, and the project requires extensive coordination between many stakeholders including utilities (Gas Pipeline and Distribution, PPL, Water Authority and Township Sewer), PennDOT, the Township, another developer for the connection to Route 100, and multiple property owners from whom Right of Way and easements were required.

In addition to providing roadway design and permitting, the project involves coordination with Norfolk Southern Railroad concerning a new at-grade crossing along the proposed route and the closure of two nearby at-grade crossings. Isett was also responsible for the design and construction of a public water line extension comprised of 2,900 LF of 12’ Ductile Iron Water Main.  The water line continuation requires a 75’ bore of 12” Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) in 24” steel under the Norfolk Southern Railway line.

The project requires the design and permitting of four detention and infiltration facilities that required easements from private property owners. A bike path will be constructed on the north side and a sidewalk along the south side of the roadway extension.

The NPDES permitting of the project involves the coordination of a new NPDES permit for a portion of the roadway, and the modification of the facilities and permits for two separate existing drainage facilities with different permittees.

This project connects to a separate project with a separate developer that covers the connection to State Route 100. This involves the design and coordination of the construction interfaces between to two projects to ensure smooth transitions between the sections.

This project has seen several changes in the life of the project with the project owner changing twice and the Township Engineer changing in the midst of the project. The design of the project also included the coordination with three other Engineering firms that were working on projects adjacent to the proposed roadway.

The project is currently awaiting construction, with estimates being developed by the contractor. PennDOT Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP), NPDES permits and township permits were required.