Grand Street Extension Hamburg Barry Isett

Grand Street Extension in Hamburg, Berks County, PA

The Borough of Hamburg engaged Isett to conduct a feasibility study concerning the extension of Grand Street along the northern border of a manufacturing facility to connect with State Route 61.

Using input collected at meetings with PennDOT, the Borough, and Berks County officials, Isett developed conceptual design sketches of possible intersection alignment layouts using PennDOT standards for preliminary roadway geometry design and preliminary storm water management design and feasibility recommendations.

Isett prepared a sketch plan package for review by the Borough of Hamburg, PennDOT District 5-0 Permits Unit, and the Berks County Planning Commission. Isett provided the Borough with a construction cost opinion, then prepared a detailed design of the roadway extension as well as a Traffic Impact Study with a study area of 9 intersections to determine the impact that the Grand Street extension would have on the regional road network.

Isett was then authorized to proceed with design and construction. The project involved the design and construction of a right in/right out connection of Grand Street to the northbound lane of S.R. 61 with the associated acceleration/deceleration lanes and the widening of an existing bridge across Mill Creek.

Isett prepared Right-of-Way (ROW)  plans and exhibits in accordance with PennDOT DM3 standards. Our firm conducted p wetland delineation and achieved PNDI, PA Historic Museum Commission, conservation district and PA Department of Environmental Protection approvals. Isett also assisted with bidding and construction administration.

The phased project was a local let project with design fees funded by the county and borough.  Construction was funded by PennDOT ($2.5 million) and federal sources ($1.8 million).

In a subsequent project, Isett was engaged to conduct a feasibility study concerning proposed improvements at the intersection of a major thoroughfare in the borough’s business district (US Route 61 and South Fourth Street).

The project examined the realignment of the existing intersection into a five-legged approach intersection. Isett conducted a topographic survey of 700 feet of S.R. 61 in each direction, 200 feet of Woodland Road, 400 feet of South Fourth Street and 400 feet of the S.R. 61 northbound “slip ramp.” Our firm conducted a Right-of-Way analysis and prepared alternate design and sketch plans for the proposed improvements.

Isett has served the Borough of Hamburg as Special Projects Engineer since 2016 and Alternate Municipal Engineer since 2018.

The original intention of this project was to create access to a redevelopment area so that these parcels could be developed, and it worked. You can see the infrastructure improvements below (pictures taken in spring of 2022) that directly led to new commercial areas on these once-vacant parcels of land.