Brian Seremula – Values in Action

Congratulations to our Values in Action winner for September – Michael Seremula! Michael has stepped up and proven his worth as a team player on the MEP Department team. He not only balances his own assigned workload but frequently offers assistance to his other teammates when the deadline log is jammed. His most recent push to help the team resulted in his nomination for September’s Values in Action.

Michael enjoys electrical design as a whole; he finds it interesting, challenging and rewarding. There’s always something new to learn, which keeps the work exciting as new projects come in. His current workload includes residence generators at Lafayette College, renovations at Lebanon County Domestic Relations, the Kelley Dental Suite for Temple University and Avid Candlewood Hotel. Michael truly enjoys all aspects of working at Isett, including the ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance. He appreciates the opportunity he’s had to grow and progress in his career.