25 Barry Bucks = a $25 gift card or $50 in Isett Store Credits.

Hey, you rock.

You’ve earned 25 Barry Bucks!

Your activities have directly helped your coworkers remain safe, and we’ve noticed.

Please complete this form to cash in your bucks. Then keep an eye on your email (including junk) for the card to arrive within 24 hours of submitting the form.

Barry Bucks Cash-In Form

Cash-In FAQ

Pretty much!
Gift Cards just must be available to purchase for digital sending, with no additional fees.

To protect the integrity of the program, the committee reserves the right to decline various stores. Please see additional terms & conditions on One Note.

Donations can be made to any registered 501c3 organization who accepts online payments.

To protect the integrity of the program, we will not make donations to inherently political organizations or political candidates. Just reach out if there is any question – safety@barryisett.com.

We’re happy to spread your 25 bucks around!
You can make the choice to donate to a charity organization right here in the form by putting their name in the “other/donate” line.
If you just want us to cross your name off the list, send us an email at safety@barryisett.com.