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Chris Williams – Working at Isett

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Chris’s Experience Working at Isett

Chris Williams started as a summer intern in Isett’s survey department as a sophomore studying civil engineering at West Virginia University. He gained valuable experience in the field and returned the next summer to intern in the Civil Land Development department, working alongside future colleagues Kevin Markell, Jim Mazeka, and Adam Smith.

This experience opened his eyes to what it means to be a civil engineer, supplementing his college studies with applicable on-the-job training. During his junior year internship he was offered a job upon graduation and started working full-time the following year.

His career has only grown since then. Originally hired as a Staff Professional, he went on to earn his Professional Engineer’s (PE) license five years later and became a Project Manager. From there, he moved into a Senior Project Manager role and was promoted to Operations Manager for the Lehigh Valley region at the beginning of 2021.

“I feel lucky that I reached out to Isett a long time ago for that internship, because not only did it give me the sense of security that last year in college that I would have a job, but it started me on my career path and I hope to be here for a long time to come. It was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” said Williams.

He finds the career development opportunities available to himself and others to be an invaluable part of working at Isett.

“I’ve seen a lot of our associates get opportunities to move into roles, where at times they created a new department because they had a great idea and a skillset that lends itself to that, so there have been a lot of interesting opportunities over the years.”

The Civil Land Development department is home to numerous associates that started immediately after college and are all still here, a factor that he attributes to the company culture, career advancement opportunities, and how they feel about the company.