Values in Action – Danika Burgett

Service and Ownership are the two values that November’s winner Danika Burgett demonstrated as she worked through the monumental task of scanning and archiving Isett’s many years of project, personnel, and accounting files and folders. Not only did she succeed in making this happen before our move to the new headquarters, but she tackled the project with grace and enthusiasm (and some help from fellow colleague, Tracy Torres). Archiving the files was a labor of love for Danika and she is SO happy to be (almost) completely on the other side of it. It gave her a unique perspective on the company as she walked through the years on paper and immersed herself in each department and their workloads and organization styles.

After 14 months of straight scanning, she is over-the-moon to have moved into a new department where her interest lies—Survey! It’s a job about adventure and discovery, and while she has a lot to learn, Danika has really been enjoying it. Her team has been awesome, teaching her the ways of the survey world. Being outside is one of the best parts (most of the time) of the job and is where Danika thrives. She plans to become well-versed within her role and since her transition, she has worked on construction stakeouts, topographic surveys, property boundaries, and some CAD work. Danika has enjoyed the sense of community at Isett—so many of the people have wonderful values and qualities, which she hadn’t experienced at a job before. Danika is happy to be a part of the culture here.