“Healthy Work Environments”: A Podcast Series

Earlier this month, Building PA Podcast announced Isett’s partnership to develop a new podcast series: Healthy Work Environments. Spanning six months, this series of episodes will showcase topics such as WELL building, healthy work environments and work culture, all with featured guests to elaborate on these initiatives.

Isett’s sponsorship for the series was inspired by a deep-rooted culture of healthy workplace habits throughout our own firm. Not only will it allow Isett to share more about our own positive culture, but it will provide a platform for other experts on the matter to voice their own experiences.

Launched in April 2020 by the Keystone Contractors Association and Atlas Marketing, Building PA Podcast includes 20-30 minutes conversations on industry topics. The podcast has quickly climbed the charts and recently celebrated a milestone of 10,000 downloads.

The first episode of the Healthy Work Environments series launched on May 23 and focused on WELL building, including featured guest Chip Desmone of Desmone Architects.

To listen to the first episode, click here: Improving company culture through WELL Building. Part of the Barry Isett & Associates Healthy Work Environments Series – The Building PA Podcast