Isett Adopt a Highway

Isett Associates Adopted a Highway

Earlier this year, Barry Isett & Associates, Inc. adopted a highway to help clean up a section of road near the company’s new headquarters. PennDOT’s Adopt a Highway is a volunteer program that assists with highway-related beautification efforts, primarily focused on cleaning up trash and debris along the roadway, with at least two pickup events per year.

The newly-adopted section encompasses Chapmans Road between Blue Barn Road and Route 309. A separate volunteer crew consisting of Emma Yeh, Greg Kurtz, Jill Murphy, and Jackie Schadas held the first highway cleanup event in the spring. The most recent cleanup effort took place in late November with James Kugel, Jim Mazeika, Chris Williams, and Mike Keller taking part, clearing 10 large bags of improperly discarded trash from the side of the roadway.

Mark Vaillancourt, Senior Health and Safety Specialist from Compliance Management International (CMI), joined Isett to conduct a quick tailboard meeting to discuss hazards and control measures before the team began. Mark also walked the entire length with the team to observe for additional hazards during the cleanup. CMI is a full service safety consulting and training organization specializing in workplace safety and health, with whom Isett contracts to conduct various safety trainings throughout the year and assist with the company’s safety program.

The section of highway Isett adopted is narrow at times with decreased visibility around curves, so safety was the utmost concern during the effort. Signs were posted at each end to warn vehicles that a crew was present, and Isett’s volunteers wore high visibility vests and split into teams of two walking against traffic to keep a visual on incoming vehicles to reduce any potential hazards.

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