Isett Guides Archbald Rain Gardedn

Isett guides Archbald rain garden overhaul

Isett’s Landscape Architecture department retrofitted an existing rain garden near the Laurel Street trail head of the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail in Archbald Borough.

The rain garden was installed near the mouth of Laurel Run at the Lackawanna River when the nearby section of trail was constructed, but had become overgrown with Japanese Knotweed. That prevented the rain garden from functioning as intended.

As Archbald’s MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) engineer, Isett coordinated the project – part of the borough’s Pollution Reduction Plan – and provided services such as landscape architecture and construction administration.

Isett prepared a planting blueprint, coordinated with local nurseries, and oversaw installation of the plants. Our associates also jumped in and donated time to help volunteers from local school groups and the borough during planting.

The team included Isett’s Stephanie Milewski, RLA, Project Manager; Scott Grundowski, Designer; and Brian Ferry.