No, all orders are held until the last day of the month, when bulk orders are placed with printing providers. The bulk orders contain one month of items.

Screen printed items, such as safety gear, casual wear, and some accessories, arrive about 2 weeks after each bulk order.

Screen print arrives in Lehigh Valley and Embroidery arrives in Delaware Valley. The admin staff at these locations sort and tag orders for distribution to other offices.

Unfortunately we do not offer this service at this time, only local pickup is available.

This could be a few things – first, make sure you are using all CAPS for the code. Most codes can only be used once per associate, make sure you haven’t used it before.

If neither of those work, please contact us.

Lots of reasons – among the most important being order minimums for keeping costs lower, and reducing environmental impact of multiple shipments.

Embroidered items, including most office and outwear, and some accessories, arrive about 5 weeks after each bulk order.

You can pick up your order at the office you indicated at checkout. You can select any office that you usually travel to Lehigh Valley is the quickest available pick up.

Yes, this is simply a forced website condition to match your billing address.

For anything not listed here, or any questions/concerns on items that haven’t arrived, please use our main store contact:

Anna Hayford (HR) – or @ahayfordbarryisett-com