Isett Vets Participate in Veterans 5K Ruck Race

Rob Sarnowski (Project Manager), Bill Leitner (Grants Project Manager), Alex Arruda (Project Manager), and Chip Stalega (PMZ Inspector) of the Isett Vets group joined together on Saturday, November 4, to support the 2023 Veterans & Military Council 5K at Bicentennial Park in Bethlehem. Ian Wisnioski (Zoning Specialist) intended to join, and was there in spirit as his U.S. Army Reserve Unit had a planned jump scheduled for that day and duty called him elsewhere.

The event was organized by the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Veterans and Military Council as a way to honor veterans during Veterans Appreciation Week. Local colleges sponsored the event, and the Isett Vets signed up as part of the team supporting Lehigh Carbon Community College.

The Isett Vets elected to do the ruck march, which includes carrying a weighted backpack for the entire length of the race. Ruck marches are a core military skill and challenge the team both mentally and physically. The weight of each team members’ rucks was 22 pounds to call attention to military suicide awareness and to honor the 22 veterans who lose their battle with suicide each day.

During the race, team members couldn’t help but notice themselves and other vets falling in step with each other while running or walking in their individual groups, maintaining the same rhythm and cadence with their group. Marching is one of the first things learned during initial training, and even though it’s not an everyday occurrence for most, it’s easy to fall back in line and subconsciously do it when you’re with other vets.

Thank you to the Isett Vets and all of our Veterans for their service and sacrifice.

About Isett Vets:

The Isett Vets was formed in 2023 as an Employee Resource Group (ERG) at Isett and includes those who have served in any branch of the military. The Isett Vets meet monthly to coordinate upcoming initiatives including recruiting fellow vets, community service projects, and to discuss issues facing vets today. The group participates in employee recruiting events and community engagement/volunteer events including the recent Veterans 5K and volunteers annually with Wreaths Across America.