Isett Volunteers Lead Activities for Emmaus Library’s STEM Workstation

Isett team members led hands-on demonstrations and activities for local library youth this fall at the Emmaus Public Library’s STEM workstation. The STEM workstation was dedicated in memory of Francee Fuller, a founding member of the Friends of the Emmaus Public Library and longtime Marketing Director for Isett. The library has various STEM-related games and kits that are available for the youth to work on, but had not organized STEM activities for the past few years due to COVID. This was the first year the library and Isett partnered to host the educational events for the youth.

In October, Emma Yeh, Professional Engineer in Isett’s Municipal Engineering, Water & Wastewater department, led an activity that included an interactive game focused on spatial awareness plus a measuring & drawing activity to hone their skills.

In November, Susan Cook, Staff Engineer in Isett’s Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing & Fire Protection department led “Structure Building and Air Pressure Magic.” Students were encouraged to build a marshmallow and toothpick tower and bridge to hold the weight of small objects, then they had the chance to test their structures to see if they could sustain a “gust of wind” and other pressure.

Isett associates are looking forward to next fall and leading more activities for the library youth to encourage STEM learning and spark curiosity.