Isett’s Alex Ulmer on Due Diligence for Clean Fill

Isett’s own Alex Ulmer, PG, SEO was recently featured in the Pennsylvania State Association Township Supervisors (PSATS) July issue of Pennsylvania Township News. An environmental scientist and geologist with almost 30 years’ experience, Ulmer discusses the process of environmental due diligence in determining clean fill for construction after recent changes and updates to the state’s Management of Fill Policy. The policy is important to a variety of industries because it defines what fill can be moved and used under the Pennsylvania Solid Waste Management Act and what is subjected to the Toxic Substances Control Act.

Ulmer highlights the new changes to policy, diving deeper into the ins and outs of due diligence and its importance to a project. “Hire a consultant,” he advises. “There are a lot of nuances to the policy that can take up township officials’ precious time and effort, so it’s best to bring in an outside contractor sometimes.” Ulmer continues to explain the complexities of knowing how to test and determining what to test for, cautioning against unnecessary testing. While he cites that the process is “a little more complicated than it used to be”, his overall advice to follow it through for benefits that far outweigh the costs.

For a more in-depth look at this piece, contact Alex at Barry Isett or check out the PSATS monthly news here: Subscription – PSATS Main.