Values in Action – Jackie Schadas

Our final Values in Action winner for 2022 is Jackie Schadas! Jackie takes ownership of her role as she manages a staff of five, providing administrative support to our Code Inspection & Plan Review Department. She is responsible for onboarding new staff as well as providing ongoing training to existing members as needed. Jackie serves as the informal “liaison” between the Isett team, David Backenstoes, and the iWorQ developer team to help resolve any issues that occur with the software, identify improvements that need to be made, or answer questions that staff may have. She is also part of Code’s Quality Assurance team to provide administrative support, formatting procedure documents and providing input from an admin perspective. In addition to tackling her own tasks and responsibilities, Jackie also balances the workload among her team members, making sure everything gets done in a timely manner. She has proven to be a go-to resource for her team, making herself available to any of the administrative staff, inspectors, and operations managers for questions or other help. Jackie excels at finding resolutions and does so without hesitation.

Training both new and existing staff is one of Jackie’s favorite aspects about the job. Seeing her teammates excel with something she spent time training them on and knowing she’s directly impacting their career brings her great satisfaction. Jackie’s main focus is coordinating to cross train the Lehigh Valley administrative team and looking for ways to improve their current processes or put new ones in place to address some of the department restructuring. She is also trying to get a better grasp on some of the accounting work with the help of Emily Peralta. Jackie enjoys being able to learn and grow here at Isett. She’s received three promotions and/or position changes since joining in March of 2019, and she hopes to continue to grow in her career.