Matt McCloskey – Working at Isett

Matt McCloskey


Matt’s Experience Working at Isett

When Matt McCloskey changed roles after more than a decade-and-a-half working for local municipal government, a feeling of apprehension was anticipated.

He joined Isett’s Code Inspection & Plan Review team and from the start, was given responsibility and ownership in his role as the day-to-day contact for a large municipal code client. Matt was supported by his fellow associates as they visited him onsite throughout his first weeks, coming from across the company’s eight different offices to mentor, respond to questions, and provide guidance as Matt acquired the knowledge to carry out his responsibilities.

He continues to rely on the vast knowledge of his fellow associates – Matt says that the Code Inspection & Plan Review team supports one another with certifications; getting ready for testing; and mentoring; and regularly seek out the institutional knowledge of the fellow associates within the department.

Having grown in his responsibilities and now serving as Operations Manager, Matt has said his department—and the company as a whole—embraces the true value of team. This resonates “from the top person all the way down to the newest employee. We are all one and we work together.”