Philadelphia Building Tune Up Deadline Approaching

City of Philadelphia passed an ordinance requiring building owners to perform periodic evaluations of the building and water systems. Commonly called the Building Tune Up Bill, this legislation requires owners to complete low- and no-cost actions to make their buildings more efficient.

The team at Barry Isett & Associates, Inc. (Isett) can assist you in meeting these requirements and improving the efficiency of your facilities. The ordinance requires any “non-residential building with indoor floor space of at least 50,000 square feet” to undergo this evaluation.

Building tune ups must be completed by a Qualified Tune Up Specialist which is defined as a Professional Engineer or Certified Energy Manager. Isett associates are certified as Building Tune Up Specialists.

All non-residential buildings 100,000 SF+ seeking to demonstrate high performance to comply with the Building Energy Performance Policy must do so by April 4th.

The evaluation includes:

  • Equipment controls: determine optimal equipment controls for energy-efficient operations
  • Utility bill analysis
  • Design issues: identify issues leading to a high energy use, such as missing insulation, missing controls, system leaks, unbalanced air, and water systems.
  • Outside air control: calculate ventilation requirements, measure actual ventilation rates, and determine optimal ventilation delivery and control
  • Equipment operating schedules
  • System set points
  • Lighting: identify outdated lighting technologies, over-lit spaces, and areas needing lighting controls
  • Domestic plumbing system: determine maintenance needs
  • Maintenance check

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