Gettysburg Beyond the Battle Museum

Dating back to 1988, the origins of the Adams County Historical Society (ACHS) began as a citizen initiative to preserve the community’s history. In 1940, the successors of the original organization secured a chapter of incorporation from the State of Pennsylvania, establishing this organization on the historical map. For decades, ACHS did not have adequate space for artifact exhibits, educational programming, and group visits. As a result, the Society was forced to house over 1 million historical items in an unsafe environment. In 2020, ACHS launched a $12 million capital funding campaign to construct the Gettysburg Beyond the Battle Museum and new ACHS headquarters.

The 29,000-square-foot, 2-story complex features 12 immersive exhibits, an event venue/education center, and a spacious library for Gettysburg’s rarest and most valuable historical artifacts allowing visitors to explore over three centuries of American History. From the beginning of our region’s natural history to an immersive experience of being caught in the crossfire of two opposing Civil War armies, this museum takes you through a historical journey. Isett was proud to play a crucial role in the Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing & Fire Protection (MEP) design including detailed climate & humidity control as well as fire protection systems, to ensure the safe preservation of Gettysburg’s most valuable archives.