Marshalls Falls Park

Project Information



  • Smithfield Township


  • Smithfield Township, Monroe County, PA


  • Creation of an elevated and boardwalk style pathway over wetlands
  • Phased Improvement Strategy




Marshalls Falls Park

Smithfield Township (Monroe County, PA) acquired fifteen acres of wooded land along Marshalls Creek Road which surrounds the 2-acre parcel containing the former grand Victorian boarding house. The estate, once a destination for city dwellers to enjoy nature and rejuvenate their health, centered around Marshalls Falls: a two-tiered waterfall cascading through a narrow rock chasm into a small gorge surrounded by 25-foot rock walls and a small dammed up portion of the creek for boating. It is notable that the land was sold with the condition that it would always remain a natural area. The Township agreed to uphold this commitment and show dedication to preserving the natural beauty and recreational value of the site.

Smithfield Township issued a call for a master site plan to assess existing resources and evaluate future needs. The Isett team, in partnership with Township officials; a study committee including representative stakeholders; and the participation of residents through meetings and surveys; determined that the estate will become a municipally owned and operated public park, addressing improvements in a phased approach.