Values in Action – Michael Ronco

Congratulations to Michael Ronco—our Values in Action winner for May! Michael’s service to our clients and his colleagues is exemplary. Described as “helpful, informative, patient, and persistent”—Michael serves as a mentor to his peers and educates clients on getting their projects permitted. He works hard and never complains; he meets team and client deadlines; and provides an excellent work product. A client shared the following: “This is hands down the best (agency) review letter I have ever received in Pennsylvania. Great job!” Michael also committed himself to becoming a Phase II Bog Turtle Surveyor several years ago to provide increased service to our clients; he was recently added to the list of qualified bog turtle surveyors in Maryland and continues to pursue the Pennsylvania qualification. 

Michael spends his days either in the office gathering data, writing reports, and/or handling environmental permits or in the field conducting wetland presence-absence evaluations, wetland delineations, bog turtle habitat surveys, and/or environmental assessments. He enjoys the mix of work: office duties are preferred on poor weather days or after too many field days—he says it takes about three days before he feels his age and needs a day indoors. Michael often coordinates with other departments on multi-discipline projects. It’s been rewarding for Michael to play a role in conserving and protecting our natural resources and the wildlife that relies upon it for survival. He’s always had a passion for natural areas and his desire to be in the woods and along waters is what brought him into this field. Seeing his children experience time in nature and wonder about the natural world brings him joy, and he hopes to make a difference.

Michael appreciates the independence he has at Isett: he’s trusted to do the right thing and strives to continue doing the next right thing. He’s grateful for the support he’s gotten towards his professional development. Isett allows him the time he needs on reference surveys in order to be a qualified bog turtle surveyor. Michael enjoys being a company shareholder; he works hard to increase our value. He also enjoys the Stroudsburg office location which gives him a short commute. Michael participates in some of the local community service opportunities offered through Isett, such as United Way, and also does his own volunteering outside of work. He leads a cub scout den and coaches youth sports—his own kids are active in both.