Safety Sleuths Week 2


Your keen eye for safety has unlocked the first puzzle. Week 1 entries closed at 12 p.m. on Monday February 6, so any future entries are not valid for this prize drawing. You will still need the pass codes from previous weeks to access the following weeks’ puzzles.

Your next puzzle will be focused on safety in the field. Don’t worry if you are office based – you can review all field safety blasts on OneNote to find your answers.

Click here to download the second puzzle!

It’s also pictured in the gallery to the right if you just want to glance at it quickly.

Hint: You may want to review your seasonal Field safety blasts on OneNote!

Once you’ve completed the second puzzle, click here to advance to the next puzzle, using the new code word as the password to view the page.

IMPORTANT: ALL passwords will need to be typed in all lowercase, one word, NO SPACES. Questions? Email Anna.